Even we know that Apple manufacture very high quality cell phones and other gadgets. Still there are lots of drawbacks of Apple Iphone 5. So here are 5 Drawbacks of Apple Iphone 5.


#1. Wifi Problem

The first and the most annoying drawback of Apply Iphone 5 is, it can’t connect WIFI.Sometime its drop the wifi connection, and sometimes can’t connects at all. Well many people depends on their home wifi to connect with the Internet. And so those who uses WIFI mostly are going to suffer.

#2. Too hot to handle

Yes, its really too hot to handle, after using for an hour you will notice excess heat on your hand. And the battery went down to  from where its started. This can cause you badly. No matter how stylish is the look of iPhone 5, you are not going to love it.

#3. Drawbacks of Battery, Please back to iPhone 4S battery

Another serious drawback of Apple iPhone 5, is the batter does not work as expected. Even its not reached to the level of iPhone 4S. Would you like to get a Phone which drains in some hours? I don’t think because no matter about the features. If you don’t have a battery you don’t have a battery.

#4. No MicroSD Card slot?

This is something really bad at least for mobile users. No MicroSD card slot? Really! How can I enjoy more videos I downloaded Yesterday? Well this is what Apple have given to us.

#5. Aluminum body looks cool but is easy to scratch

Yes the body looks very elegant and cool, but do you know. Its scratch as fast as its looks cool. One of my friend bought Apple iPhone 5 a week before and when I saw his iPhone 5, I wondered! This is the phone you bought a week ago? Well Yes its contains lots of scratch at the back side and that’s making it very crappy look.

There are lots of Drawbacks of Apple iPhone 5, but these problems are common and very annoying to the Apple fan and lover.

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