What is Marijuana?

Stems of the female cannabis plant, along with subtending leave & dried flower, generally refers to Marijuana. Abbreviated as THC, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the major chemical component of the psychoactive marijuana. Also contained in Marijuana are 66 other cannabinoids. Marijuana contains a total of 5% THC, comprising of the tetrahydrocannavivarin, cannabidiol, cannabinol. Specific studies have been made concerning whether Marijuana has negative or positive effects on humans. And unlike over other subject, with the help of a following study, few conclusions were arrived at, after conducting research through deep studies, mainly concentrating on the negative impacts, because that it what humans are required to be vigilant about & understand before it is too late. So considering the disadvantages or drawbacks of Marijuana.

Pros and Cons of Marijuana


  • Cures various Diseases
  • Slowdown Diseases like AIDs
  • Prevent Blindness for Glaucoma Patient
  • Reverse the Carcinogenic Effects of Tobacco
  • Decrease Anxiety


  • Negative Impact on Brain
  • Passage of THC
  • Change in Brain Cells
  • Addiction
  • Mental illness in Youngsters
  • Massive Change in Habits

Read the Pros and cons of Marijuana in detail below:

Disadvantages of Marijuana:

Negative Impact on Brain

It has been found with the deep study in this topic, that the Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol affects the brain adversely.

Passage of THC

The Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol while smoking Marijuana passes into the blood streams from lungs, while into the brain and other parts of his body, the consumer of marijuana, easily inculcate the chemical THC in him.

Cause of Reaction

It leads to high stages, with time passed, along with several parts of brain being affected. Thus it causes serious problems in terms of reducing thinking capacity, along with learning & memorizing stuff, with its prolonged consumption.

Change in Brain cells

The changing of brain cells that contain Dopamine is the long-term affects that harms the brain, due to it. Human behaviors including reward & motivation are in turn controlled by Dopamine neurons.


Apart from all those drawbacks, the biggest drawback of Marijuana, lies in addiction, although Marijuana is not as harmful as the other addictive stuffs, high-order consumption can harmfully affect the social relationships of an individual & he may find himself agitating against his own family, work & school for it.

Massive Change in Habits

It causes sleeplessness; it results in anxiety as well as the decreased taste, bad temper, which all add on, making it very hard for a consumer to quit. Excessive use may also lead to death, as it lands people in depression, urging them to commit suicide & schizophrenia.

Mental illness in Youngster

M that excessive consumption, mainly in today’s time, youngster likewise are more prone to this kind of addiction, where they all start it in terms of show-off & fun, they are unaware that what they are risking is their vulnerability to violence along with the risk of mental illness. They are unaware that the excessive consumption of Marijuana increases their heart beat rate for 1-3 hours from 20 to 80 percent, and that is something very fatal.

Advantages of Marijuana:

Cures various Diseases

Marijuana can cure or alleviate Symptoms of various diseases and ailments.

Slowdown Diseases

Marijuana helps in slowing down the progression of disease such as AIDs and Alzheimer’s

Prevent Blindness for Glaucoma Patient

Glaucoma, an eye disease that increases pressure in the eyeball and even leads to loss of vision, responds well to weed. Studies show that marijuana helps decrease the pressure inside your eye. Smoking marijuana may also help slow the progression of glaucoma and prevent blindness.

Reverse the Carcinogenic Effects of Tobacco

A study published in 2012 showed that marijuana might help increase lung capacity; in fact, it may even help improve your lung capacity that is affected by tobacco smoking. Many experts believe this improvement is not due to marijuana but is the outcome of taking deep breaths while inhaling the drug.

Decrease Anxiety

Research shows that smoking weed may improve your mood. And medical marijuana users say they find it extremely beneficial when they feel anxious. It relieves pain, decreases anxiety, and suppresses nausea. So, it is often used to deal with side effects of chemotherapy. It even works as a sedative, but higher doses produce the opposite effect.

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