The King of E-commerce has finally launched its new Smartphone called Amazon Fire Phone. Of course there are lots of advantages of the Amazon Fire Phone, but at the same time we can see many disadvantages of Amazon Fire Phone. What really bothers me is, is it a new phone with unique specifications? Or its just another smartphone charging huge amount for the shitty design (Yes, I-am-talking-about-Samsung-Galaxy-S5)

Well in this post, I am going to provide the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Fire Phone. Also note that I am not against any product, things, place or events. I just provide the disadvantages that is natural

Advantages of Amazon Fire Phone

Advantage #1: 6 camera

Can you believe this? Well you have to. The Amazon Fire phone has 6 cameras. 5 in the front and 1 in the back. You might be thinking what is the use of 5 Cameras in the front? No its not for 3D Video recording but to track the user eyes for Dynamic Perspective

Advantage #2: Dynamic Perspective (New Feature, Never seen before)

The Amazon Fire Phone has a unique feature called Dynamic Perspective. What exactly it is? Read on.

With Dynamic Perspective, users can simply tilt Amazon Fire Phone to perform common functions. A right tilt enables them to navigate through menus, while a left tilt allows them to attach photos to messages, view lyrics of songs etc.

Users can swivel the phone around to open notifications, flashlight, Settings menu and Mayday. A feature called Peek shows additional details about something that the user is searching for but only when they need it, keeping the screen uncluttered most of the times, according to Amazon.

Advantage #3: Firefly

This is yet another unique feature of the Amazon Fire Phone. Firefly is another signature feature of Amazon Fire Phone. The user simply needs to take a photo of the text on a business card, advertisements, posters etc from the smartphone and the phone will automatically identify the contact information and save it in the address book.

Advantage #4: 13MP Rear Camera + Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon Fire Phone powered with 13 MP rear camera, not exactly an advantage but the Unlimited Cloud Storage can fill the gap. Amazon still yet to announce how the Unlimited cloud storage really works

So, these are some of the Amazing advantages of the Amazon Fire Phone, Not let us take a look at the Disadvantages of Amazon Smartphone

Disadvantages of Amazon Fire Phone

Disadvantage #1: High Price

This is the biggest disadvantage of the Amazon Fire Phone. At $650, we need extra ordinary features (It has but still not how it priced)

Disadvantage #2: Bulky Design + Heavy

The design of Amazon Fire Smartphone is not so good, and once can easily spot the bulk-ness in the design. Along with it the Amazon Fire Phone is heavy ( Hey you need a belt in your pant 😛 )

Disadvantage #3: Battery will Drain Faster

With some amazing features, definitely the battery will drain faster. Well its not yet confirm how the Amazon Fire Phone battery works. We need to wait for it

Disadvantage #4: Less Apps, Compared to Play store and Apple itunes

This is not the disadvantage actually as time will heal everything. But as of now the user has to waste their Internet bandwidth with the shitty apps from the Amazon App store and yes mostly are 2 to 3 star rated

These are some of the disadvantages of Amazon Fire Phone, Let me know if you like or disliked the Amazon Smartphone in the comment section below

Note: This article needs improvement, please help us to make it more accurate by providing real feedback about the product in the comment section

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