Kawasaki Z250 SL

The new Kawasaki Z250 SL which was launched in Indonesia earlier this year. Kawasaki fans in India get ready to be thrilled, because the new Z250SL is going to be launched soon. This version is basically the naked version of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL/Mono. It is basically inspired from the other higher version of the Kawasaki such as the Z series which included Z800 and Z1000.

The prices of those versions were 3.8L and 4.4L respectively for the ABS version. This model is pretty much identical to that of Ninja 250 SL, the only difference that can be brought on to our notice is the front section of the bike. The bike is has a hunky and we feel that certain fans will appreciate the eye catching and aggressive look that the bike possesses, but its not that photogenic.

It has though gained a lot of comparison from its higher version of Kawasaki models though! The breadth design looks pretty much similar to the big boys, but it has a headlight which is wider, and an appealing side cowl, it also has the mini visors which actually mimics the design of Z800 series, it draws comparison and really looks like Pulsar 220 NS. The alloy casting wheels used for this bike have a similar size and design with the Ninja 250RR Mono, also the tire size, and disc brake model and system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kawasaki Z250 SL

  • For the ABS version it is equipped with additional inner plate on its disc brake for wheels speed sensor and ABS sticker on its front fender.
  • You can see that towards the lower engine side\, it already consists of equipped engine cover in order to shield the engine from the rubble etc. It also helps to maximize the cooling along with acting as an air scoop. This detail is really worth a watch along with the details, finishing and assembly which are simply top class. Even after using just one cylinder, it has an engine which looks really big and gives the bike an even more muscular look.
  • Full fairing version, which now uses a flat-bar design which usually concentrates and is emphasized for comfort when it comes to long distance then maneuvering, hence the position of the rider is more upward, when compared to its full fairing version.
  • The seat of this bike uses the split seat configuration unlike other versions, which looks and draws comparison to that of Ninja 250 mono, the seats usually give a hard feel and are thin. So basically, not a seat, that can make you feel comfortable while sitting over it. It though, helps a rider to get a decent seat height , as even with the height of 170cm tall, still he can easily feel both of his feet touching the bottom of the bike and can easily reach the street without tiptoeing.
  • Now further drawing up the conclusion for this bike that is the new Kawasaki Z250 SL, we can say that it offers a good value in terms of a 250cc single cylinder bike and provides the value for money, and the sporty looks that it possesses along with the aggressive front look and excellent build in quality , for such a price range set by Kawasaki, its very affordable and simply one to get your hands on.

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