Sex is one of the most important acts that plays a pivotal role in multiplication of species in case of the humans as well as the same in the animals. Perhaps the greatest pleasure that humans have ever experienced arrives due to sex. The human sexual process is similar to that of plants and animals, they need to go through the process of sexual intercourse. Humans too reproduce in this way. Now in order to perform this task, that is the physical act of love, there is a need of a male & a female. The case of humans is slightly different to that of the animals, where the Make needs to date the female and start to know her in detail about her likes and dislikes and then after completely getting to know each other process they have to do a thing called love making. However, this was in olden times, when the process of courtship was used compulsorily. Today people engage in to sexual activity right away from the first time. Also they have sex with no intentions and feelings of staying together after performing that activity.
Now sexual reproduction comes with several advantages and disadvantages too. It is very important for an individual to understand about the process before getting involved in this process. Because it can bring a drastic change in the life of both, men & women.

Advantages of Sexual Reproduction:

Sexual reproduction helps in expanding one’s own species and in turn leading to genetic diversity. It’s funny that without that, I would have been unable to present you this article. It helps the expansion & multiplication of species. It in turn ensures that the allele is able to find its partner and they can reproduce again to create one of their kind in order to continue the expansion process in their habitant .This action, helps to preserve one’s code of the genes and thus transfer the same into the next generation. It brings nth amount of pleasure and enjoyment for any species. In case of human beings this advantage is mostly applicable. The feeling of enjoyment and fun along with sweetness and pleasure can be found when you indulge in a sexual reproduction. Forget this process, the feeling of having an offspring cannot be described into mere words, it’s actually beyond words and sense of human imagination.

Drawbacks of sexual reproduction:

The redundancy in the DNA code brings about a negative impact on the genetic structure of a species, and if it is not appropriately taken care of, it can be very tough to manage at a later stage. It also leads to malfunction of genes, which lead to the creation of a complex process in genes in times which further leads to abnormalities in the offspring. Now one of the main problems, during reproduction is the Anal sex, widely prohibited in many religions. It can also lead to an increase risk of Cancer. I hope this article provides you about the drawbacks and lay stress on drawbacks as it can affect your lifestyle.

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