At their September 1 AGM meeting, Reliance Jio Chairman, Mukesh Ambani made the service public and said that it will be rolled out from September 5 to chosen urban communities, starting at this point. However, the company issued the SIM cards all over the country.

There are numerous users who are confronting many issues with the activation of the SIM card and some of them are attempting to get their hands on a Jio SIM card. But, there is news saying that the organization has now quit issuing the SIM cards.

A few clients likewise reported that they are not getting the Data speeds same as in the review offer as the increase in the number of people using the service might be the reason. The telecom service might be new, however the organization has officially made its presence in the segment. Le us check some of the Pros and Cons of Jio Sim Card

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jio Sim


  • Unlimited Calling
  • 1 GB Free 4g Data Daily
  • Free SMS
  • National Roaming Free


  • 4G Data has limits
  • Network issues while calling
  • LTE-Only Phones eligible for Jio Sim
  • Other Network’s mostly deny calls from JIO

Please read the detail Pros and cons of Jio sim below

Advantage of Jio Sim Card

  • LTE-only Network:

Reliance launches the first free 4G services in the urban cities and after that all over the country, LTE network means high speed internet which is better than 2G and 3G. So there is no chances of dropping network to 2G or 3G which is a better initiative from Reliance.

  • VoLTE Calls:

Mukesh ambani announced at the time of launch that Jio calling would be Voice over (VoLTE) and also you need to pay the internet charges as per the detail given by the reliance. however, for voice calling the phones should support the 4G VoLTE.

  • Free Calls and SMS:

Jio provides free calling and SMS services to its customer till the date declared by the reliance. But as the TRAI rule the maximum limit of SMS is 100, you cannot exceed this limit. and you can’t able to make any further SMS once you reached the limit.

  • National Wide Free Roaming:

It is the biggest advantage to the reliance from every competitor  in the communication department. As it provide free roaming all over India, and its competitor charges for that. In Jio Sim you just need to pay for the internet which is also at cheapest rates for 4G.

  • Wi-Fi Data Plans:

Jio also includes some Wifi plans as well with all other tariff plans for internet. it is foe whom who’s usage is more than average or person need for work purpose can opt for the wifi plans. Reliance provide cheapest plan for the wifi with great speed.

Disdvantages of Jio Sim card

  • There is no pack of Rs 50/GB:

Rumours had came earlier that jio lauches Rs 50/GB plan which is the cheapest of all tariff plan according to reliance but as time goes it finally declared which is very sad that there is no such plan in the list. It also declared that , voice call won’t be free when you don’t recharge the phone with a tariff plan.

  • Unlimited Night Data has a Catch:

As Reliance is offering unlimited night data with all its tariff plans, here comes the main catch. Night data will only be limited from 2AM to 5AM, which is a bit of a let down as other telecom services offer night data from 11PM to 7AM.

  • No calls for non-VoLTE phones:

Another disadvantage is that a user with 4G LTE enabled smartphone can able to use the Jio SIM card, however, he won’t be able to make any voice calls. That said, Reliance has a solution for that and asks every user to download their Jio4GVoice app for not-interrupted voice calls

  • Welcome offer comes with data cap:

As we all know that the Preview offer is now called as Welcome offer which is applicable for all users until December 31, 2016. But, unlike the preview offer, the welcome offer comes with a daily data cap of 4GB. but there is a good the time phrase has increased till 30th March,2017.

  • No voice calls if you don’t refill:

As we mention this all over again and again that without internet recharge you couldn’t make call to anyone. you should recharge the least amount of tariff plan to enjoy the calling services.

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