It has been nearly a year when iOS 7 was first made available to download for the Apple device users. And it came with a huge amount of change in it when you compare the latter to iOS 6. It comes along with availability on almost across all the newly launched devices of the Apple Inc. ranging from iPhones to iPad and even iPods, on a broader scale. Apple has broadened its vision even more and although it faces stiff competition from other brands, still it holds a prestigious place in the heart of an iGadget user. Now this version of iOS comes with advantages and drawbacks.


Now people are very familiar with its advantages part, will give you a look closer to the drawbacks of the iOS. Now the major consideration factor of this version is the technology and also maintaining a check with the perspective of downloading those apps for iOS 6 too. The problems and constraints that it brought along with it for its developers.

Advantages of iOs 7

The latest upgrades have been brought up with the view of helping the developers to enhance their already creative brains into something more and face the uphill challenge of competing with the competitors and time, in order to keep themselves proactive and productive. Why not? After all it is Apple. This version lays emphasis basically on simplifying the entire process of app development for the software developers.

It brings efficient processor performance and not only that but also efficient and powerful multi-tasking. This makes sure that the apps are far more efficient and can without a constraint work in background even when inactive, without impacting the system negatively.

Disadvantages of iOs 7

iOS 7 being a huge transition was always difficult for the producers, one of the main challenge that comes before the developers is that of making their iOS 7 app backward  compatible so that they can work for the older versions too.

Not every iOS user will be willing to switch and upgrade his system to the newest version, so the developers will basically have to develop the softwares in such a way that it would help the users to retain their existing customer base along with evolving with the technology.

Now although this version of iOS  is much advanced than the other ones, but still it is considerably different from the other apps and thus migrating apps from the latter to the former may prove out to be a mind bobbling task for a[[ developers.

There are many APIs that are yet only introduced and are in the process of being documented, and there are considerable changes that are being made to them. in turn will lead to more headache and complications for the developer.

Also the UIK it framework which is included in this version of iOS is different from the previous versions. This may worsen up the User interface elements in terms of looks and the rendering might just not go well on the devices

So the following were the constraints that the iOS developers had to face in order to bring up this new software which again yet started the new page in the Apple World.

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