Most of them love Coffee while some don’t like it at all. Well there are some drawbacks of Coffee and it really effects on your brain. Today in this article I am going to explain you the effects of coffee. I have even posted a video that will explain you in better. Read the whole article to get the disadvantages of coffee and its effects

disadvantages of coffee

While millions of people consume coffee everyday, there are some very bitter disadvantages of coffee, read them.

1. Addictive

Coffee is addictive and very hard to ignore if you consume it regularly or take it every now and then. Its advised not to drink coffee everyday or if you really love then try to cut the consumption.

2. Affect on Blood Sugar level

Too much consume of  coffee can affect your blood sugar level, that influence fat burning. Coffee can also stain your teeth.

3. Rapid heart beat

It also increase the heart beat rate and can put you in danger. So it is very advised not to consume too much coffee

4. Rapid Peeing

Many patients find that too much coffee also make you pee many times


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