Internet has changed the way we life, No Doubt! But it has affected us badly that we can’t walk even think without Internet. Email,one of the major part of Internet. Do you know the Disadvantages of Emails? Probably you were aware of its advantages but what about disadvantages? well I am going to explain some of the minor looking major disadvantages of Email

email disadvantages

Disadvantages of Emails

Cons no.1: Spam Emails (warning You won $1 Billion)

There are lots of spamming is possible in Emails and that’s the biggest and serious Disadvantages. Do you know there are many people who trapped by spammers who spread spams via email. Most of the spam emails are land on the Spam folder, still chances are that you may be trapped by the spammers. Never ever believe on Emails containing of winning Billion dollars

Cons no.2: Hacking (Private Data loss)

This is another disadvantages of using Electronic communication. No matter what your Email account might be hacked by hackers. And you will realize that your data are stolen by the hackers

Cons no.3: Viruses

Thanks to for the feature of scanning viruses before we download attachments. However spammers still can spread viruses through email. And that causes a lot of personal, important datas

Some more Disadvantages of Email’s

1. Less social contact with people (social skills won’t be as well developed)
2. Less hand-writing practice
3. Can be bad for your eyes if you spend too long sending e-mails on your computer
4. Messages may be misinterpreted easily
5. Abbreviated language may become common practice for some people
6. Can provide an easy way to spread viruses to computers
7. Can be easy to make a “typo” and say the wrong thing, or send the email to the wrong person
8. Access to a computer and the internet is necessary, and this may not be convenient for all people

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