So You are here to know more about Homeschooling, There are several Advantages of Homeschooling but wait there are some disadvantages of Homeschooling. Read the cause and dangerous effects of Homeschooling





 Disadvantages of HomeSchooling

Disadvantages no.1: Hard to Handle

No matter how easy you think, in the end its very hard to handle your child to teach. Because of the emotion and care of your own child, you might fail to handle them

Disadvantages no.2: Self discipline is must

Your child learn only the way you behave with them. If you are good while you teach them, but in a whole day, they also learn the way your live. And this might cause issue with the manners and discipline

Disadvantages no.3: Financial Stress

You may think that you are saving money of the school fees, but you forget that you also need to work earn and Homeschooling cause your professional life, leading you to the stress of Finance

Disadvantages no.4: Lack of Social Activities

The home schooled student may lack the opportunity to participate in organized sports activities. Generally for homeschoolers to play team sports, parents must schedule and arrange the activities, causing them additional work.

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