Nothing in the Universe is perfect not the MR Perfect, and this is why born. Do you know many people love android at the same time so many people don’t even think about Android because of its major Disadvantages. Today I am going to share with you some of the most annoying Disadvantages of Android.


“I love Android” this is the new slogan for many android users. But the other party says, Android is crap, Read the whole article to know why Android Sucks

Disadvantages of Android

Cons of Android no.1 : Hangs a lot

Android is good at lagging and continuously hanging your phone, whatever you do it annoys a lot. Whether you are playing “Temple Run” or you are browsing your gallery or you are surfing internet, its hangs a lot

Cons of Android no.2 : Drain battery

Another disadvantages of Android is its drain battery very fast. You play games for 5 minutes and your battery meter drop from 98 to 82. This is how android sucks and eat up your battery as soon as you touch your phone.

Cons of Android no.3 : Internet connection is important

From signing in to Google account (For Android) to do any bull shit, it needs internet connection, thanks to all those telecom service providers who offers discount on GPRS pack, or we have to move to Nokia 1100

Cons of Android no.4 : Over heats

This is serious problem for me, Android heats cell phone often. However if you have a good cover on your cellphone you may feel less heat, but if without cover just put your cellphone on your cheek you will find what I mean

Cons of Android no. 5 : Box of Malware Google play store

I agree that Google play has some nice applications sorry many nice applications but somehow spammers, hackers are ahead of putting malware in Google play store. If you download 10 Applications a day, 6 will be shit or malware, so be careful

These are some of the Drawbacks of Android, hope this article helps you to find more about Android

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  1. ST.Malavika says:

    The third point u discussed is not so apt……..
    Every Smart phone to work effectively should need internet connection.
    This is what i feel…………..

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