Nothing in the Universe is perfect not the MR Perfect, and this is why born. Do you know many people love android at the same time so many people don’t even think about Android because of its major Disadvantages. Today I am going to share with you some of the most annoying Disadvantages of Android.

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“I love Android” this is the new slogan for many android users. But the other party says, Android is crap, Read the whole article to know why Android Sucks

Disadvantages of Android

Cons of Android no.1 : Little Memory for Storage

You do have a memory card in your phone, but the system storage is small and you have to be very careful with your storage. Sometimes we need to download large Games, but due to the small size of the system storage its very hard to Play the Game. Yes, You can move the app data in Memory Card but still there are many android device which doesn’t allow you to store app data in memory card. You need to root your device

Cons of Android no.2 : Force Close on Large App/Games

This is another drawbacks of android OS, When you run large apps/Games most of the time android shows error force close which is definitely annoying. However this is not always the case  with high end devices.

Cons of Android no.3 : Data Connection

Android has large number of background process which runs in the background, which eats so much mobile data. And thus cost lots of money if your are not into unlimited data plan.

Cons of Android no.4 : Battery Problem

While android has many process running in the background this increase the usage of RAM and decreasing Battery Performance. While many top notch device has good battery backup (Lithium Batteries) but still that doesn’t mean it solved the problem.

Cons of Android no. 5 : Box of Malware Google play store

I agree that Google play has some nice applications sorry many nice applications but somehow spammers, hackers are ahead of putting malware in Google play store. If you download 10 Applications a day, 6 will be shit or malware, so be careful. (We hardly see any malware apps on android nowadays but still the problem is not fixed yet)

These are some of the Drawbacks of Android, hope this article helps you to find more about Android

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