No doubt Apple produce awesome products with good configuration. The iPhone, iPad, Mac etc are everything stunning with amazing features, Awesome speed. But the truth is not every product is good. This is why we created this website for you guys. In this article I am going to share some of the disadvantages of iPad air.

Many people ask me what are the cons of iPad Air, explaining each and every one is complicated task, That is why I am here with the drawbacks of iPad air. You can find other Apple products disadvantages,  Some here and here

disadvantages of iPad Air

Disadvantages of iPad Air

Let us look what really makes the iPad air a not-so-good Apple product

Disadvantages of iPad Air

Drawbacks no. 1: Freezing, Crashing, rebooting

This is general issues with iPad Air users, lots of iPad user complain about the Crashing and rebooting of iPad Air. While there are some fix for these issues but for a noob its very difficult to get it done and they end up throwing their iPad Air to the customer care service

Drawbacks no. 2: No TouchID

TouchID is another disadvantages many iPad Air users find annoying, the latest iPad Air should have TouchID but unfortunately apple doesn’t even consider TouchID in iPad Air

Drawbacks no. 3: Slow Restoring

Yet another cons of iPad air, there are many circumstances where you need to reset your iPad and then taking the backup from your mac or PC. But iPad Air is generally slow resorting the backup.

Drawbacks no. 4: Overheating

This is the case with most of the devices out there. Overheating has generally no solutions unless how roughly you use your device. Overheating can only be solve by the way you use your device. And not to mention overheating is the issue with most of the devices not just iPad Air

Drawbacks no. 5: Safari browser Crashing

This might be not the serious problem or not with the iPad air, probably of iOS 7, but many people encountered Safari browser crash when people try to open another tab

These are some of the disadvantages of iPad Air, that you should consider before buying the iPad. Fixes are available of these issues, you just have to perform a quick search.

If you know some other disadvantages of iPad Air, please let us know in the comment box. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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