Most of the people blindly get into Car insurance to get safety for their Cars, but they don’t see the Disadvantages of Car insurance or we can say Cheap Can Insurance Disadvantages. Today I am going to outline some problems with Car insurance and their problems. The Car Insurance company might assured you with many promises, but you should not believe them blindly.

disadvantages of car insurance

person holding a car showing car insurance

There are two types of Car Insurance, Collision and Comprehensive. Collision insurance covers when your car hit by another car etc and Comprehensive Car Insurance covers when your car damaged by fires, flood or theft

Let us discuss some of the major drawbacks of Car Insurance

Disadvantages of Car Insurance

Drawbacks of Car Insurance: #1

The biggest problem with Car Insurance is they often cover certain parts of your damaged car. And you or your car Driver probably don’t know which part of your car going to damaged. So, it’s one of the disadvantages of Car Insurance

Drawbacks of Car Insurance: #2

Another problem is insurance burden, believe it or not you will face burden of insurance. Paying every month (or partially) just to get your car on the road is really disgusting for some people. This will certainly trouble you

Drawbacks of Car Insurance #3

Another problem with many or almost all Car Insurance company is they often take times to release the check and till then you can’t do anything to get the payment early. And you have to wait till the money reach to you

Drawbacks of Car Insurance #4

Many customer complain that the company wants you to pay for the repair first and then you can claim to the insurance company. This is serious issue for the customers. Some companies like One Sure Insurance have more forgiving plans, you have to shop around.

Auto repair insurance policies can help you save a lot of money on needed car repairs and the parts needed for those repairs. However, you should carefully research different Car repair insurance offerings and try to find a policy that maximizes coverage and is affordable. Also, you should make sure that the policy covers repairs you feel are important and provides quick and fair handling claims.

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