Ebooks the integrated version of Books, remembered when you were in High school with lots of text books for studying or just to keep your money? Well technology has changed, people has advanced and started using technology in every way. And then there is an Ebook. Ebooks are good but at the same time its very disappointing, you know why? Let me explain you in this article why Ebooks are not good or we can say Disadvantages of Ebooks.


Let me come to the point and start explaining you the Drawbacks of Ebooks

Disadvantages of Ebooks, the truth

Disadvantages no. 1 : Requires Special device or Computer

The most disappointing thing about Ebooks is it requires special device for keeping it and reading Ebooks. Not like traditional books which are free to read doesn’t need any device nor you need a special charger to keep the device running.

Disadvantages no. 2 : It cost much higher

I may agree that there are lots of ebooks are available for free, but not every there are lots of paid ebooks which cost much higher that the Physical Books. This is another Disadvantages of Ebooks

Disadvantages no. 3 : Effects on Health

Yes Ebooks causes eye strain, if you keep staring your device for a long you will come into problem of eye strain. Physical books are good when it comes to health issue and they don’t effect but Ebooks causes eye problems a lot. The shining of your device causes headaches and feels uncomfortable to read for a long

Disadvantages no. 4 : Loss of Information all at sudden

You know what, any device or any computer cause with malware or antivirus and that has a direct effect on your digital products which is stored in computer or at any device. You may loss your Ebook if it caused by antivirus, sometime you may also delete your Ebooks accidentally

Disadvantages no. 5 : Piracy problem for author/Publisher

No matter how much hard work you put in making a new Ebook, there are some people make your ebooks for free download on some torrent site or any other. This is very serious issue amongst author and publisher

These are the 5 Major Disadvantages of Ebooks, I hope  now you get why you should love Paper books as compared to Ebooks. Thanks for reading

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