iOS is always appreciated by the users, and recently Apple has released the new version of iOS 7. Some are feeling good while some are having issues with the new iOS 7. Well we are here to read the Disadvantages of iOS 7. Well I still believe there is a room of improvement, and Apple can make it much better. All in all, everything has its own disadvantages.

ios 7

Disadvantages of ios 7

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Disadvantages of iOS 7

Drawbacks no. 1: Not all app works

As Apple has change some of the features of iOS, it is reported that many iOS App doesn’t work on iOS 7. Well still there is a chance of improvement for iOS 7. Time heals everything

Drawbacks no.2: Design, Childish…Very Bright…Over color

Some love the new design while some hates it. I have heard many comments on the design of iOS 7. Some even said that its childish. But its all about personal taste. I don’t think the design isn’t bad at all

Drawbacks no.3: Some device doesn’t work

Just like iOS app, even many device doesn’t work with iOS 7. This might be a major disadvantages of iOS 7. Try to update your iOS, hope your device will work for it

Drawbacks no.4: Once you update, You cannot downgrade

While this is the most common problem with almost all OS, once you updated to iOS 7, you cannot downgrade to the older version of iOS

These are some of the disadvantages and reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 7

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