LG has released its new member, Yes I am talking about the new LG G2. Well the device is impressive, elegant look and very excellent to carry this Phone. But Hey! Everything is its disadvantages too, so here I am going to share some of the disadvantages of LG G2, which may force you not to buy LG G2, but at last its all depends on you

Name: LG G2

Price: $574.99

Rs. 40,490.00


Disadvantages of LG G2

Cons #1. Only 32 GB Storage

Here is the first disadvantages of LG G2, the storage capacity of G2 is limited to 32 GB only, that means you cannot increase nor decrease it in anyway. If you are Mobile Gamer or App insect, then you may find this device disappointing, why? Because you cannot install more and more games and apps. And we are not limited to games and apps only as you know. People keep their favorite Songs, videos, movies and Data. And the worse you are only able to use 24 GB

Cons #2. Smudgy Back

Are you free to wipe your device every now and then? Absolutely NO, but this device needs cleaning every day or sometimes every hour. The device is smudgy that means it attracts more dust then the normal devices.

Cons #3 Low Battery Power

Once again the battery fails here, many reviewer noticed that the battery power isn’t good in LG G2

Specifications of LG G2

Display: 5.2 inch screen full HD IPS display, 423 ppi

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. 2.26 GHz

Camera: sapphire cyrstal glass and sports anti-fingerprint coating

13 megapixel camera equipped with Iptical image stabilization

Sound: Hi-Fi sound in G2 is produced at 24bit, 192KHz

Communication: 4G LTE, GPS and Glonass

Software enhancements: Text Link

Quick response, one resoponse and you are set

Slide Aside apps and move freely

Guest Mode to show phone to others.

Answer me- pick the phone and call is connected.

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