Mobile Phones are boon or curse? This might be your question or you wants to know the disadvantages of Mobile phones. You should admit that Mobile phones has changed the world, even now it has everything that you can do. From Internet to Photography, or watching movies on your cell phone, being connected with your loved ones etc. Each and every day, mobile is becoming more productive. Unfortunately it has some dreadful disadvantages too. In this article I will give some of the major disadvantages of Mobile phones and why you should be away from Mobile phones at least for sometimes in a day

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Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

The biggest disadvantages of mobiles we see among are teenagers. Today teenagers mostly use smartphones and wasting most of their time on their mobile phones. They don’t realized or don’t know the real purpose of cell phones, hence they are becoming more virtual, instead of social.

Disadvantages of Mobile phones on teenagers

The most dreadful thing on teenager’s cellphones is internet. Why I call this dreadful because they don’t utilize internet properly, rather waste their time on checking facebook, updating status, chatting on whatsapp, instagram’ing , and watching porn. However it can be use properly.

Disadvantages of Mobile phones on Health

As the demands of Mobile phones are increasing, we can see new towers of networks most of the time. Do you know telephone/mobile phone cell phones towers emit harmful rays, that affects on our health badly. It causes cancer, heart attack etc. The more you keep your cell phone away, the more you will be safe from it

Disadvantages of Mobile phones on our daily life

As mobile phones connect us from our loved one, they even make us far from our family members. You may have realized that you  waste most of your times on internet, chatting or watching videos on your cell phone and you don’t give proper time to your family.

These are some of the Major disadvantages of Mobile Phones. Please give some time to your family and limit the use of Mobile phones.

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