There are various rumors that Nokia is planning to launch it new variant of Nokia Asha series which is Nokia Asha 503. After the success of Nokia 501 various rumors came about the launch of Nokia 502 and now there are reports of the launch of 503 series. According to the leaked reports this phone will come in multiple colors. The phone is expected to come in glass case which is expected to be provided with the phone itself. The phone is expected to come with dual SIM.

Nokia Asha 503

Price: Unknow

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nokia asha 503

The Nokia Asha has some limitations which are listed below:

Disadvantages of Nokia Asha 503

  1. The RAM of the phone is very less which is expected to be 256 MB. The lesser the RAM the less will be the smoothness of the phone and the applications will not run speedily and fast.
  2. The phone doesn’t support the front camera that means you can’t enjoy the video chatting feature with your friends and relatives.
  3. The 1-1.5 GHz single core processor for this phone is not sufficient. This avoids the use of multi-tasking and other works on our phone.

Nokia Asha 503 smart phone has some advantages too which are discussed below:

  1. The 5 MP camera provides more clarity and enjoyable memories can be stored in your phone.
  2. The color variations can give the user more choices for the customers.
  3. The glass case which is expected to come with the phone will provide richness to the phone and will attract the users.

Specifications of Nokia Asha 503:

* Dual SIM with both GSM

* 3.2 to 3.4 inch display with anti scratch screen.

* 1-1.5 GHz processor with single core.

* 256 MB RAM

* 5 MP camera

* Multiple colors like black, red, yellow, white and green.

* 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

* Resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

* The weight of the phone is 100 grams.

* The memory is expandable to 32 GB.


The phone is expected to come in the range 10000 INR. The phone has mixed reviews that are some of the features suggest that it is better than the previous Asha series but the main features like the processor and RAM are very less as compared to other phone in this range. So if and only if you are crazy for the Nokia phones then only you should try this new variant of Nokia Asha 503. Otherwise there are many phones in the same range in other brands.

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