So you want to know the Disadvantages of nuclear energy? No worries, In this article I am going through all the disadvantages of nuclear energy. Well I am not going to provide the advantages of Nuclear Energy Instead I will concentrate on Disadvantages. Read on and try to read the whole article from above to the last full stop to understand it in a better way.


You might Have heard of Hiroshima Nagasaki attack by United States. It was happened in the II world war by United states which leads to various hazard to people. Read some of the most Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

1)  Radioactive minerals are becoming less.
2)  Supply of high quality uranium, one of the raw material, will last only for few decades.
3)  Nuclear waste damage the environment and the main source is Nuclear plants.
4)  Nuclear wastes are stored in the areas where it damages the environment.
5)  The danger of accidental discharge of radio activity also exists.
6)  Starting a nuclear plant requires huge capital investment and advanced technology, this is one other major disadvantage.
This is not just the end there are lots of other Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy, But I am limiting here.Thanks for reading visit again

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