There are lots of disadvantages of Smoking but here I am listing only Top 5 Disadvantages of Smoking. Have a look at these Top 5 Disadvantages of Smoking

disadvantages of smoking

#1. Disadvantages of Smoking: Lung Cancer

We all are well aware that smoking isĀ  bad for our health. And also we are aware that smoking leads to lung cancer and other various cancer. It they are detect early then it can be recovered, but ifs not then its leads to death. Smoking also results in High blood pressure, the strains are deposited in the veins and slowly-slowly it will leads to less provide less air to the body. Smoking also cause Mesothelioma

#2. Disadvantages of Smoking: Addiction

When a person start smoking, the person get addicted to it and then its very hard to get away from smoking. If the person didn’t get cigarette, he or she starts to lose control over them; they also have problems concentrating in what they are doing

#3. Disadvantages of Smoking: For kids

The kids of today get into smoking at a very early age; this is very dangerous especially since their bodies are not as strong as an adult. Today more and more kids are at the risk of dying very young or may also get into various other things like drugs and alcohol. If you notice the kids who smoke, they have appetite problems as well as problems in the development of their height and weight.

#4. Disadvantages of Smoking: Economical Disadvantages

The expenses of smoking is raising very high, as a result it create problems in economics. A person can or may be smokes One packs a day for 20 years which is 7305 packs for 20 Years and if one packs costs $3 that is results to $21915. According to the American Lung Association, smoking costs “the United States over $193 billion in 2004, including $97 billion in lost productivity and $96 billion in direct health care expenditures, or an average of $4,260 per adult smoker.”

#5. Disadvantages of Smoking: On Pregnant Womans

According to the American Cancer Society, 5 percent of infant deaths can be prevented if pregnant women did not smoke. Infants of mothers who smoke are more likely to die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Smoking also causes low birth weight in one in five babies. In addition, it research shows that smoking can affect a child’s health and that secondhand smoke is dangerous.

These are the Top 5 Disadvantages of Smoking

Smoking and Mesothelioma

Well there is no proven relation between smoking and Mesothelioma, but it is know that Smoking causes Mesothelioma. A study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine confirmed this theory. Meshothelioma mostly found among people who work in asbestos factories. The mortality rate of Mesothelioma is 1,250 males and 420 females.