Solar Energy is an inexhaustible energy , and it continues to produce the solar power. There are lots of advantages of solar energy, However there are many disadvantages of Solar energy and today I am going to share some of the most dreadful or very good disadvantages of solar energy. The good thing of Solar Energy is that its totally free. Many people has asked me what are some of the disadvantages of Solar energy, so I thought to write an very detailed article.

Disadvantages of solar energy

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Drawbacks no.1: Large area required

The biggest Disadvantage to solar energy is it requires large space to setup. Even the residential solar system requires more space.

Drawbacks no.2: High Upfront cost

Another disadvantages of solar energy is the upfront cost to establish the system. There are other ways you can cut the upfront for setting up the Solar power system

Drawbacks no.3: Need enough Sunlight

Solar Panel works from sun light, and so your solar system should be in a place where the sunlight is maximum

Drawbacks no.4: Seasonable

Yes, solar energy is seasonable as sun light is not present always. Like in winter and monsoon we hardly get sunlight and as we know solar panel requires sunlight

Disadvantages of Solar Energy: Breakdown

1) It is seasonal in nature
2) The solar power technology is still at infant stage.
3) Its expensive
4) Cost of installation of solar energy plant is very high.
5) Producing Solar Energy during night is not possible
6) Storage of this form of energy is difficult.

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