Science is a boon for man kind and curse as well. And so X-ray is, X-Ray is a very good way to detect flaws in the body but it has disadvantages too. In this article you will learn the Major Disadvantages of X-rays and how it affect to your body. Some of the disadvantages are too rare and doesn’t cause everybody

X-ray disadvantages

X-ray Lab

Disadvantages of X-ray

Drawbacks of X-ray #1: Cell Damage

Yes, X-rays cause damage your body cells. X-rays makes our blood to have higher level of hydrogen peroxide which causes cell damage

Drawbacks of X-ray #2:Cancer

Excessive X-rays can cause cancer to your body. Surveys tells that many of the people who use to get X-Rays regularly end up with cancer. The disadvantages of X rays are that they cause cancer. X rays are created by blasting a person with radiation. That radiation passes through all of the soft tissues, but gets absorbed by bone. This normally amounts to a very small amount of radiation, but over time it can increase the odds of developing cancer. Back when X rays were first used, many technicians became ill from their effects. At that time in history it was not known that radiation caused any health issues.

Drawbacks of X-ray #3: DNA Change

The X-rays are able to change the base of the DNA causing a mutation.

These are the Disadvantages of X-ray, but there are many advantages too. Over all X-ray is very good and helpful in medical treatment But excessive X-radiation can cause lots of problems

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