Online shopping is a type of e-commerce that allows the customers to purchase different products available online by different means. Online shopping is popular with different names like online store, e-store, internet shop, e-shop, web shop, virtual store, and web store. Most of the people around the world are going to online stores to purchase different products. You have variety of choices to choose from and there are plenty of websites offering you the best deals with great accessories and discounts. You can find nearly everything online like clothes, gadgets, footwear, home appliances, home essentials, office essentials, inner wears etc. But however, online shopping has certain drawbacks. So let us review some of the major drawbacks of online shopping.

Online shopping

Disadvantages of online shopping

  1. The online shopping sites do not provide fix time of delivery. These generally mention within 15 days of order for national delivery and 30 days for international delivery. But, actually it takes more than the estimated time in most of the cases for delivery of heavy products.
  2. You might be charged with high shipping cost for delivery of items like furniture, heavy electrical appliances and lots more.
  3. You do not have the option of testing the product before its delivery. The product might have some faults.
  4. You can only see the visuals of product online but not the actual product. What is shown in the picture might not be similar to what delivered to you.
  5. The online stores do not have local offices in every city which might cost high to the customer in return or exchange of the products.
  6. There is always a risk of security of payment through cash cards. An internet spy might crack out the pin and card number and can utilize it for his own profit.
  7. The cash on delivery option is not valid for all products. Generally the products having low price are delivered by cash on delivery mode while the high ranging products can only be delivered after complete payment online.
  8. Sometimes, the wrong products are delivered to the customer.

Advantages of online shopping

  1. You can search the exact product you are searching for.
  2. There are heavy discounts on online products.
  3. You can find variety of option at one place.
  4. You need not to go anywhere for shopping. You can easily shop while sitting at home.
  5. You can get the cheapest deal for the product online.


In my opinion, you can go for online shopping only if you are searching for low range products and that too with cash on delivery option. For buying products with greater cost, you must try to visit the standardized shops outside and bargain for the best price. In this case, if anything goes wrong, you can directly complain to the person from whom you had purchased the products.

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