Global warming is one of the major issue that is listed as a priority issue by the government of almost all the countries. There is no stopping global warming and the reports that were released by the United Nation back in 2007 states that, the situation won’t change and will continue for centuries. And no other reason effects the climate, causes Global warming, as much as human beings do. Of all causes around 90% of the human activity affects the temperature and it is being done from the past few decades which cause the temperature to increase which in turn causes the Global Warming.


Global warming is expected to be continued forever as per the conclusion that is drawn upon by innumerable scientists. Because it coincides with the human wants and his needs, which definitely is never going to end! Now the point I want to summarize today is that, does Global Warming has disadvantages ? or Advantages too? Though the Advantages are very less, they still exist and we will take you through the disadvantages so as to you realize that every individual needs to take an initiative to at least bring its level down.
The following are the Disadvantages and Advantages of Global warming

Disadvantages of Global Warming

Pros no.1: It causes the Ocean circulation disrupted along with disrupting and having unknown effects on world climate.

Pros no.2: It causes higher sea level which leads to flooding of low-lying lands and also causes deaths and disease from flood and evacuation.

Pros no.3: It results in Deserts to get drier which leads to increase desertification.

Pros no.4: It also causes agricultural production changes that in turn lead to food shortages.

Pros no.5: It causes Water shortages in areas where the water is already scarce.

Pros no.6: It further results in Starvation, along with malnutrition, and then results in increased deaths due to food and crop shortages.

Pros no.7: It results in extreme weather and an increase changes occurrence in the frequency of severe and catastrophic storms.

Pros no.8: It also effects humans and animals, causes various disease.

Pros no.9: It leads to increased deaths from heat waves.

Pros no.10: It results in the extinction of additional species of animals and plants.

Pros no.11: It leads to the loss of animal and plant habitats.

Pros no.12: It leads to increased emigration.

Pros no.13: It results in shortage of food and energy resources due to its additional use.

Pros no.14: It causes the major problem of increased air pollution.

Pros no.15: It further leads to an increased allergy and asthma rates due to earlier blooming of plants.

Pros no.16: It further leads to melt of permafrost which in turn leads to destruction of structures and causes landslides along with avalanches.

Pros no.17: It results in permanent loss of glaciers and ice sheets which are very important for eco-system.

Pros no.18: It destroys cultural and heritage sites due to increased extremes.

Advantages of Global Warming

Cons no.1: The area of Arctic and Antarctica and Siberia along with other frozen regions experiences more plant growth. The next ice age may be prevented from occurring.

Cons no.2: It helps to open up the sea transportation in the area near the north-west passage through Canada’s formerly-icy north.

Cons no.3: It results in fewer deaths and even less injuries due to cold weather.
So from the above points we can make out the drawbacks and advantages of Global Warming.

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