Google has released the most awaiting OS, which is Chromebook. Its preloaded in Samsung and Acer laptop (Notebooks) Well there were so many expectation with chromebooks, Many people are unhappy with this OS. Well here is 5 Drawbacks of Chromebook.

drawbacks of google chromebook

#1. Less Connectivity

The biggest drawback of Google chromebook is its less connectivity, we all know. No Internet No work. So this might be a problem with lots of people. Google still trying hard to low down the problems by adding Gmail Offline features but still its too far.

#2. Software usage Limitation

Another hectic drawbacks is the software limitation. You are not allowed to run standard programs, and then it will cause lots of problem working with different tasks. You are not allowed to install Microsoft office, you can only work with Google’s office products and store your data online.

#3 Games can’t be played from Hard Disk

This is something very bad. Chromebook doesn’t plays games via hard disk. All you can do is play games online via Chromebook

#4. Limitations of Files extension recognition

The Chrome OS does not recognize all of the file extensions that a normal computer would. Ex: m4v, mov, wmv, etc.

#5. Last and the most important

The Chrome OS project is still in beta so one may get unknown bugs while using it.

Well, If you are a power user, chromebook is not for you. You can still enjoy Windows and MAC.

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