Have you ever thought to Jailbreak your iPhone 5? You may be or may not. But before taking any decision please read carefully the drawbacks of jailbreaking iphone 5. Jailbreaking iphone 5 may cause serious damage to your iPhone 5. In order to be on safer side please read on.

jealbreak iphone 5

Jailbreaking iPhone 5 is for only those guys who wants to taste extra applications which is not legal to install. The extra tweaks and much more

#1. Bricking

The biggest Drawbacks of Jealbreaking iPhone is your stylish and elegant cell phone may got brick, if the process doesn’t successful. Which leads to a serious problem for non tech-savy guys. Also its not easy to get back your bricked iPhone

#2. Warranty void issue

Another serious issue with jealbreaking is you will lose the warranty from Apple. As jealbreaking is not a legal practice according to Apple. Losing warranty period means, you will not get support from Apple nor you can replace the iPhone.

#3. System updates are not supported

As your warranty voids, similarly you are not able to get updates from IOS, and you have to enjoy your old and intact IOS. Many apple users loves to get update and jealbreaking for them may cause a serious problem.

#4. The system becomes unstable

This is because there are unauthorized apps that can cause your iPhone device to crash or even make them ‘worthless ‘bricks’. Thus, programmers recommend that users stick to apps recommended by Cydia.

#5. There are unscreened apps

A jailbroken iPhone 5 or any other iDevices has become an easy target for malware. The process removes the security walls built by Apple on both the iTunes and iOS. In fact, records will show that viruses on iDevices have affected only those devices that are jailbroken.

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