After lots of rumored and waiting of the Samsung Galaxy S4 finally it was Launched on 15th March 2013 at New York. Well you will get lots of information regarding the advantages of Samsung Galaxy S4, but here I am going to share the Drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung galaxy s4

#1. Samsung Galaxy S4 is much more Vertical

Its not new that many companies are now designing cell phones in Vertical integration, but when it comes to using those smartphones. Are we able to handle that? 100 percent Vertical integration? Is it really fits in hand? Well No, I myself found that its hard to handle and looks very odd. And mostly because of the Vertical integration many old games and applications works on half of the screen which is very annoying.

#2. Is there anything new with the design?

Do you think Samsung Galaxy S4 has new design? Well I don’t think. All the Galaxy family has similar type of design. From Galaxy Y to Galaxy S4. Every phone looks similar.

#3. Camera Pause, nothing interesting but annoying

For Smart Pause feature, the camera is used to engage when you’re watching a video. It would pause a video if it thinks you’re looking away. Accuracy of this feature is much doubted. Also, the eye tracking system used in this feature is in some other devices.

#4. High resolution Display to 441ppi, we are happy in 300ppi

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a high resolution display. It has pixel density of almost 441ppi. Well, who cares much if the pixel density is more than 300 ppi. Galaxy S3 satisfies the same.

No doubt, Galaxy S4 would be superb but we don’t expected such drawbacks.

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