Yes we know the advantages of Facebook but at the same time it has lots of Disadvantages/Drawbacks of Facebook. Mostly teenagers are being encountered of facebook addiction. But its upto us, how we use the things. Technologies has it own advantages and disadvantages. In this article you will learn Disadvantages/Drawbacks of Facebook


#1. Disadvantages of Facebook on Teenagers:

Teenagers are loosing interest of the surrounding and thus making themselves lazy and being alone. Yes, they knew that this affects their health but still they don’t dare to accept it. Why? Because they are already addicted to it. Facebook is good to connect, share your happiness. But teenagers are using facebook differently. They don’t interact with real people just because they are addicted to facebook. They are losing the moral role of their life. Sitting on the chair in front their Computers for a long time, posting status of what they did and goings to do doesn’t mean the life. There is lots and much better we have, Our society.

#2. Disadvantages/Drawbacks of Facebook: Scams

Another serious Disadvantage of facebook is SCAM. Thousands of people are being trapped by the scammer on Facebook. You might have received some scam messages from scammers. And this result to massive lose of their money, mental health and lots more.

#3. Disadvantages on Professional Life

You might not know, but your boss or your competitor is keep their eye balls on your profile, to know more about you. What you are doing, how you doing and lots more. There is a big risk being unemployed because of your rubbish activities which you post on facebook.

#4. Disadvantages on Academics

Majority of  facebook users are School, college and University students, and everybody has their charming facebook account. They are getting or No time for study. Many students uses facebook while lectures and some are using even while prayers.

#5. Troubles in Relationships

One recent report blamed Facebook for 1 in every 5 divorces. Muammar Gaddafi  and Hosni Mubarak got divorced due to Facebook, and there are many other examples. An American lawyer said that Facebook is one of the major sources of causing troubles in relationships.

These are the Disadvantages/Drawbacks of Facebook, please try to limit the use of facebook to live a happy life. Start interacting with your real people/friends.

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