Apple as you know is the leading US based mobile company has planned something different for its customers. Apple had launched its new phone 5C for its customers. The looks and performance of the phone doesn’t vary much with respect to Iphone 5S or iphone 5. But in this article we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages and some specifications of the phone. Initially it gained popularity in the market as rumours were there that the phone will cost less as compare to other apple phones and also due to its performance wise but now let’s see how this phone is working in the market. Ok so let ‘s see the Disadvantages of iPhone 5C

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Firstly we will discuss the disadvantages of this phone and what kind of complaints users had with this new Iphone 5C:

  1. This 5C doesn’t have OLED display which has better viewing angles and better response time and this OLED display also consume less battery power.
  2. There is no memory card slot for saving images, videos and your other stuff in the phone.
  3. Only two processing cores are present in this phone due to performance of this phone will decline as user can’t use multitasking facility.
  4. It doesn’t have FM radio so you can’t enjoy your favorite radio stations.
  5. It had non removable battery because of which you cannot switch off your phone by removing the battery if the phone hangs up.
  6. The back panel or body of the phone is made up of plastic.
  7. The price is little high for this 5C.

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Every device has some disadvantages but it also have various advantages which are discussed below:

  1. The Iphone 5C comes in various colors.
  2. The phone has high resolution of 8 MP rear cameras and 1.2 MP front camera.
  3. The phone also supports 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  4. This phone also supports the Bluetooth as no other iPhone has this feature.
  5. It has a faster downloading speed.

Specifications of iPhone 5C

  • iOS v7 operating system.
  • 1.3 GHz dual core processor.
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 inches display with 640*1136 resolution.
  • 32 GB in-built memory.
  • Non removable battery.
  • 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


There are other apple smart phones in the market. From the features point of view except Bluetooth all the other features are present in Iphone 4S or Iphone 5. The price of this phone is also not less if

we compare it with other apple smart phone. The only plus point of this phone is that it is available in many colors. The plastic body can break if the phone slips from your hand. But then also if you want to enjoy the new phone of apple Iphone 5C then you can definitely go for this phone.

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