Panasonic released one more Camera on their portfolio, However, there are lots of buzz in the Market about this new camera which is named as Panasonic GX7. It is said that Panasonic is stealing name from Sony series (i.e. Nexx7) but that not actually matters. Anyways  I didn’t find any disadvantages of Panasonic GX7, there for let see the Advantages of Panasonic GX7, I am leaving the disadvantages column for you, if you found any disadvantages of Panasonic GX7 please feel free to comment below. So that other people who are thinking to buy this Camera can get a better idea to buy it or not.

Panasonic GX7

Price: around US$1,255 / AU$1,365

panasonic GX7

Advantages of Panasonic GX7


  • 16MP Live MOS sensor
  • In-body image stabilization (works with any lens)
  • Front and rear control dials
  • Flip-up, 1024 x 768 pixel (2.3M dot equivalent) electronic viewfinder
  • 3-inch tilting LCD
  • 3-level focus peaking
  • 1080 video at 60p/60i/24p in MP4 or AVCHD format
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Magnesium-alloy frame
  • 1/8000 second max shutter speed, 1/320th flash sync speed
  • Highlight and shadow curve adjustments
  • Built-in pop-up flash
  • Large contoured grip

#1. Wifi

Like most recent Panasonic Camera, GX7 features WiFi option with NFC enable, that means you can transfer images through tapping on both the device, or you can aslo publish the images to social networking site using the wifi feature.

#2. Electronic Viewfinder

The new feature of the GX7 is its flip-up electronic viewfinder. This is the first built-in unit we’ve seen for a long time that articulates upwards, allowing for more flexible shooting. The viewfinder itself is built around a 1024 x 768-pixel LCD panel. This has become essentially the standard for high-end viewfinders, thanks to the 2.3M dot OLED finders in several Sony models, and the similarly high-res LCD used in the Fujifilm X100S / Olympus VF-4 viewfinder

#3. Silent mode

The GX7 is one of the few camera which offers effective silent shooting mode.

Disadvantages of Panasonic GX7

One of the disadvantage of Panasonic GX7, I found is that you cannot use external microphone to shoot video. However you can only use the built in microphone, but the quality doesn’t fit for many using the internal microphone. This is one of the disadvantage of Panasonic GX7.

I hope someone will better find other disadvantages of Panasonic GX7, If you have anything in your mind related to this new gadget. Please feel free to share in the comment box below

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