As the technology increases, there is a lots of changes in our daily needs. One such is VoIP, Yes there are many people are using VoIP over traditional way of calling to their friends family or for any other need. VoIP can be a boom but at the same time there are some Disadvantages of VoIP that annoys a lot and force us to go back to the traditional way of calling. If you still thinking to buy a VoIP subscription, you may be interested in disadvantages of VoIP for better understanding whether to use it or not.

Voip service

Disadvantages of VoIP

Cons no. 1 : No Proper Connection

VoIP uses internet protocol to transfer data from one destination to another, hence it requires a good Internet connection. You may be have a good internet connection but still you will face severe loss of connection while talking on VoIP

Cons no. 2: Costly over Traditional network

There may be lots of offers, discount available for VoIP, but in the end you will see that the traditional way is still better and cheaper over VoIP.

Cons no. 3: Low Voice Quality

Forget about the quality you get on your cell phone using the traditional network. VoIP needs a very strong Ethernet connection for better sound quality or you will face very bad audio quality which leads to nowhere

Cons no.4: Works on Electric power, No battery

VoIP phone or Computer based VoIP both works on constant power, if you face power cut, you are not able to use the service anymore. This is another major disadvantages of VoIP

Tips to get better VoIP Experience

There may be disadvantages but still you can improve VoIP experience, below are some of the best tips to improve your VoIP

1. Get a better Ethernet Connection

Internet connection have major role in VoIP quality, if your internet connection is good, you will get better sound quality

2. Turn On/Off to fix some issues

If you ever face any bad connection, simply restart your broadband connection to make it normal again. Weather condition causes network loss

3. Compression Software i.e., Codec

The technical details of the codecs are out of scope for this article. You can find more details about codecs on Wikipedia ( Here is brief explanation of codecs with respect to VoIP – VoIP compresses the voice data packets before sending them. The reason for compression is that the compressed data packet sent or transmitted is not heavy i.e., if the data packet is heavy, then the transmission will be too slow and ineffective. Codec is the software that is used for such data compression purposes. If the codec is not of good quality, then audio quality will suffer.

4. Business VoIP solutions

There are lots of Business VoIP solutions available for affordable charges, just Google it and you will find better VoIP services. Note: Before you buy read the reviews

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