HP is one of the leading laptop manufacturing companies of the world and is known for delivering the best quality products. This time HP has launched a fully featured 15.6 inches laptop- HP pavilion G6 costing Rs.32050 INR. It is the best alternative for most of the inexpensive laptops of the world. But in race of launching new products in the market, HP has lost the creativity and finishing of the product that was found earlier in its laptops. It is a good laptop, but is not at all great to buy. Let’s have a close look over some the disadvantages of HP Pavilion G6 laptop.

hp Pavilion g6

Disadvantages of HP Pavilion G6

  1. The core i3 processor in the laptop limits the multi tasking after some level.
  2. It has got slow photo editing capability.
  3. The performance of this laptop is not up to mark in contrast to its price.
  4. Most of its users are complaining about its unusual behavior on charging and off charging. The laptop is working fine when it is on charging and it starts to lag when the charging is removed. This is serious issue with most of the customers.
  5. The service of HP is not up to mark. Most of the users suffer from delay in service at customer support centers.
  6. The sound quality of the laptop is not at all good. It gives a bursting sound most of the times.
  7. The resolution of the laptop is very low due to which most of the HD stuff we run on it looks like a general motion video.
  8. The hard drive of the laptop was used in conventional computer. It is Seagate 7200.4 which slows down overall performance of laptop. It also makes too many noises just like that of click.

Though the laptop has some disadvantages, it also have some advantages that will force you to purchase it.

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Advantages of HP Pavilion G6

  1. The performance of system is good as compared to laptops of its range.
  2. The graphics of the laptop are clear.
  3. The laptop has got good battery life.
  4. 15.6 inches glossy display with resolution of 1366 x 768
  5. Intel Core i3-380 dual core processor
  6. 4 GB DDR3 Ram
  7. 500 GB Hard Drive
  8. No Bluetooth, but integrated web cam
  9. 4200mAh battery
  10. Dimensions of 14.72 x 9.65 x 1.20~1.42 inches


It would be better if you increase your range and go for laptops of Sony or Dell because they are widely in demand and offers better performance then HP. I will personally prefer you to go with Dell Inspiron15.

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