Mewing has taken over the internet by storm. Leading publications and fashion bloggers are talking about this new phenomenon concerned with improving the facial structure. Dr. Mew, the person behind mewing suggested that ‘’improper tongue posture’’ along with sedimentary lifestyle results in a restrictive growth of our body mainly the facial area. His studies in children gained a lot of traction and it helped the world realize that how people keep their tongue in an incorrect posture which coupled with mouth breathing leads to numerous health hazards.

What is Mewing?

Mewing as defined by is a correct tongue posture which involves holding your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Herein, the posterior third of your tongue is expected to touch the palate which creates a vacuum and paves way for nasal breathing. It helps improve the overall facial structure and brings about a horizontal growth which was previously missing.

How to Mew?

Mewing is quite simple, here’s a formula by comprising of five simple steps:

  1. Stick your tongue to the palate
  2. Clench your teeth
  3. Close your mouth
  4. Breathe through your nose
  5. Practice consistently

Having learnt about how to mew correctly, let us understand about the advantages and disadvantages of mewing:

Advantages of Mewing:

    1. Stronger Facial Structure – Mewing brings about a complete reform in the overall facial structure over a period of time. For teenagers and young adults, the transformation takes less time whereas for grown-up adults, it takes slightly longer.
    2. Improved Facial Appearance – Due to the proper facial support to the skull, the overall appearance improves with the jaws becoming more defined.
  • Improved Eye Area – Mewing after it becomes a subconscious habit brings about a complete overhaul and with great support to our face, it helps reduce the eye bags caused due to lack of sleep. (You have to maintain a proper sleeping pattern)
  • Palate Expansion – Palate Expansion is responsible for giving your face a better look. Usually receding, mewing helps expand the palate adding to more comfortable breathing and lifestyle.
  • Improved Swallowing – Initially, swallowing while mewing is a big task. However, with practice and dedication, mewing helps to improve your swallowing thereby contributing to the overall health benefits.
  • Improved Energy Levels – Several mewers across the globe have suggested that mewing helps improve the energy levels. The reason of this is because they emphasize on nasal breathing, which makes them much more active and instils freshness.
  • Proper Breathing – Ideal breathing is when you use your nose instead of your mouth. Mewing does that by implying nasal breathing over mouth which helps reduce several health risks such as congestion, decreased energy levels and in some case, even cancer.

Disadvantages of Mewing:

  1. Sore Throat: Several reporters across the social media networks have reported sore throat while starting with mewing. However, majority of them as reported have improved over time.
  2. 2. Timeframe: While though mewing works, it takes a lot of time. The results aren’t evident instantaneously and they take a considerable time before they appear.
  3. Practice: Mewing results doesn’t occur overnight, they take a lot of time and practice. Starting from the correct tongue posture to the nasal breathing, learning these things take time.

The aforementioned points are just a few points to help you get started with mewing. If you want to learn more about mewing, feel free to visit

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